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Planning to give an inspiring presentation?
Need help to define your objectives?
Looking for the most successful way to reach your goals?
Want to be more successful in life?

We can provide you with a jump start that will enable you to reach the stars!

High!Town will be the flight attendant that supports you on your journey.

High!Town-Consulting offers

  • A different perspective
  • Guidance throughout the process
  • Trust and confidence
  • Attentive listening

Highly respected coaching requires a scientific basis.
We work with the PSI model

Our coaching is based on the Personality Systems Interactions (PSI) theory by Professor Dr. Julius Kuhl, Professor of Differential Psychology and Personality Studies at the University of Osnabrück. After more than 25 years of basic and applied research, with his PSI theory Professor Kuhl elaborated the most comprehensive theory of personality and motivation to date. Practical findings for your life can be derived from this theory:

How do your ideas and intentions become concrete plans? Why do you sometimes manage to implement them effortlessly, while at other times you never get past the stage of good intentions? How can you avoid always making these same mistakes, and instead actually learn from your experience? How can you use your successes to motivate yourself? How can setbacks become the drive to future success?

The PSI test that takes place at the beginning of our coaching sessions shows in a very comprehensible way "what's going on psychologically", and where the best changes and developments lie for you.

The results of the test are used as the basis for clarifying some interesting questions with you, such as
•    How you can recognise your own negative behaviour patterns
•    What the best stress-busting methods are for you personally
•    How you can deal with high emotional stress in your job
•    Which jobs and tasks are the most suitable for you
•    How you can permanently keep yourself motivated, and
•    How you can reach certain professional goals.

In a trust-based relationship with your coach, you can boost your personal skills and acquire greater clarity for your future private and professional life. It is always a pleasure for me to help you achieve this.

You can find out more about PSI here:

Together we will find a complete solution for your individual topic. We will help you to free up your inner potential.

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